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JC Nichols Memorial Fountain

JC Nichols Fountain

Reference Model Prints

3D Printed Reference Model

Obelisk Lamp

Touch Lamp

Laser Scanning Registration Targets

Laser Registration Targets

Custom Ring Designs

Dinosaur Animations

Ankylosaurus Animation Thumbnail

Psittacosaurus Skeleton

Psittacosaurus Pes

Porch Swing

3D Printed Glow-in-the-Dark Porch Swing

Falcon Small Aircraft

Laser Scanned Falcon Air Craft

Door-Attached Storage Compartment

Custrom Truck Door Pocket Mod


3D Digitized Golf Shoe

Environment to Mobile Web Interactivity

Online Digsite Mobile Web Interactive

Touch Screen Kiosks

Touch Screen Kiosk

Custom NUI w/ Kinect for Windows

Kinect for Windows Custom NUI

e-Learning & Video Tutorials


Tyrannosaurus Infant

Tyrannosaurus Infant 3D Printed

Clean Coal Animation

Clean Coal Animation Loop Screen Shot

Amber Insect microCT to 3D Model

Amber Insect microCT

Ankylosaur Skull CT to 3D Model

Euoplocephalus Skull CT Scan

Beer Taps

Porter Tap Handle

2011 Chevy Cruise RC Car Body

RC Car Body

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Demo Screenshot

Action Figures

Digitized and Reposed Action Figure