3D With a Vengeance

Custom Ring Designs

View and order past ring designs or contact me with customized jewelry requests.

Each of these rings is available for production via high-resolution 3D printing and lost-wax casting methods performed by Shapeways. I manually scale each ring model to the requested size, verify that the model can be printed at that scale without issues, and arrange production and delivery to the requested address. I also can make modifications to any of these designs or create new designs using images and/or digitized artifacts. Images can be emailed to me and objects for digitization and incorporation into designs can be shipped or otherwise delivered to me. Digitization is completely non-destructive so you will get your original item(s) back completely unaltered.

To view a 3D model of an existing design, just click the PLAY button on the image with the black background and twirl the model around to view it out from every angle.

To order a ring, scaled to the size of your choosing, the image with the white background and a price is a link to purchase a custom made copy on Shapeways. You will be required upon check-out to provide a ring size.

If you need a ring larger than size 13, you can contact me and I will prepare a link with an appropriate model and pricing for your size.

A multitude of materials are available to choose from on Shapeways and each material is priced to market value.