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Laser Scanning Registration Targets

Laser Registration Targets

Designed and fabricated to be more durable and versatile than any in the industry.

Sometimes the part you need seems ridiculously overpriced for all it is. This seemed to be the case with the commercial registration targets used for aligning Building Information Modeling laser scans. A friend of mine, frustrated by the low-quality and high cost of the targets he regularly uses, saw room for improvement and approached me with his idea. The solution we arrived at uses a combination of traditional and computerized manufacturing techniques. The product is drastically more durable and saves time thanks to the versatile selection of ways to mount the targets. Performance is identical to the high-cost solutions currently available. Production costs are also low enough that undercutting the competition will not be an issue at all, should he decide to start producing the targets to sell. If you happen to be in the market for 150 millimeter laser registration globes, I think we have you covered.