3D With a Vengeance

Custom 3D Design for Unlimited Applications

Making thoughts into things, meeting all your virtual and tangible needs.

Your brilliant ideas deserve to be brought into the world, made real for you and others to enjoy. 3D With a Vengeance is the magic portal through which your imagination is manifested and delivered.

Custom designed ring produced from digitization of a belt buckle and an older, hand-made ring.

If you can sketch, sculpt, or describe your idea, it can be designed. If your idea is for digital applications, either static or interactive, make it 3D With a Vengeance! If your idea needs prototyped and fabricated, make it 3D With a Vengeance!

3D With a Vengeance can find solutions to meet your unique needs. In-house digital media production, 3D printing, molding/casting, and even microcontroller integration are all skills in the 3D With a Vengeance wheelhouse. If it cannot be made in-house cost-effectively, 3D With a Vengeance can still get it made using a diversity of manufacturing partners, including Shapeways.

Shapeways Ring
Custom designed ring 3D printed in polished silver using Shapeways.