3D With a Vengeance

Finding YOUR 3D Printing Solution

There's more than one way to print a cat.

There are many practical reasons to have something 3D printed. Sometimes we print stuff just to have around to look at. Other times the print may have a functional purpose, or even be one component of a more complex composited device. 3D With a Vengeance is familiar with the wide varieties of computer aided manufacturing tools available today, including the diversity of both additive and reductive manufacturing technologies.

This is the technology that puts the "rapid" in rapid-prototyping. The most widely used industrial application of 3D printing is still prototyping, and few 3D printed products are yet available on the market as finished goods. 3D With a Vengeance is ahead of that curve, producing finished-parts straight from the print bed, designed for and delivered to end users as theater props, manufacturing jigs, machine parts, or even jewelry.

Conch shell horns designed, 3D printed and painted in house.
3D Printed Conch Shells

When it is time to get serious and have your idea designed and/or prototyped, it is time to get 3D With a Vengeance. What does not make sense or is too large to make in house, can be made working with a 3D With a Vengeance manufacturing partner. The most cost effective path from thought to thing becomes apparent when you go 3D With a Vengeance!