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Versatile 3D Printing Solutions

3D With a Vengeance has a variety of 3D printers in its arsenal of rapid prototyping machines. Using high resolution photopolymer resins, 3D With a Vengeance can print layer resolutions as fine as 25 microns. Large objects can be replicated using plastic filaments and if necessary, resurfaced to hide build lines or reproduce a desired surface texture. Objects exceeding the volume of available 3D printers can be divided into smaller pieces and assembled after printing.

3D prints and finished parts made using 3D printing

Pteranodon skull replication

fossil Pteranodon skull 3D printed Pteranodon skull

An historically significant and incredibly delicate pterosaur skull was damaged when a water pipe broke in the the natural history museum on the University of Kansas campus. Rather than molding and casting these almost paper-thin bones, I 3D scanned the original fossil specimen and 3D printed a replica at high resolution that looks identical to and can safely be exhibited in place of the original.

Tyrannosaurus skull reconstruction

Tyrannosaurus maxilla 3D-printed Tyrannosaurus skull

I 3D scanned the original fossil components of a partial Tyrannosaurus rex skull and a few isolated teeth in order to restore the missing portions and print a complete skull. The digital 3D model was also used to design an armature custom fit to the organic shapes of the interface with the skull.

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3D Model Files, 3D Prints, Resurfaced Prints, or Molded/Cast Parts

3D With a Vengeance can produce the 3D model files you need for purposes such as rendering images or video, reverse-engineering to CAD models, incorporation into the Metaverse and other virtual or augmented reality applications or fabrication. Your existing 3D model files or those I create through scanning and/or design can be 3D printed at high resolution or large scale. If you need a finished part that looks exactly like the original, I can resurface and paint 3D prints. Need a specific material? I can make reusable silicone molds for your parts and reproduce them as plastic urethane casts. Do you think 3D printing might help achieve your goals, but are still unsure? Contact me and we can discuss the possibilities.

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